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Clio Goldbrenner Resell

Reselling pre-loved pieces from your wardrobe is quick and easy

1. Click RESELL & get the party going!

Pick the bag from your closet that most deserves to be showered with love. A few clicks is all it takes to launch your bag into resale orbit on Reflaunt’s global network of secondhand marketplaces.

2. Ship it! (Free and easy)

Just pack it, attach the prepaid label we send you, and take it to the closest drop-off point. Easy peasy!

3. Cha-ching! Money in the bank!

Choose to have the money transferred to your bank account. Or, if you opt to receive Clio Goldbrenner credits, receive 20% more in your wallet! We can’t wait to see what you buy with it!

Share the love. Resell a bag from your Clio Closet.

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