Time to relax !

Time to relax !


Dreaming of escaping daily life for a few days and reconnecting to nature? Cosy fall season vibes ask us to slow down from time to time.

Discover our favorite places, silent and pure, where time seems to stand still and where the beauty of life surrounds you.


The Forest Cube

This tiny rental house will charm you right away with its green and peaceful forest atmosphere.   Located in the Oignies park, this cu
te place offers the best of the natural reserve Viroin-Hermeton. With its modern and luminous interior you will definitely feel comfortable.

Dream away: https://www.forest-cube.com/forest-cube




Jardin secret

Hidden in the heart of Brussels, you will find behind a plant shop a secret passage to a hidden garden awaiting for curious travelers.

this quiet green place, time wonderfully seems to lose its usual path. Experience this unique hidden gem surrounded by vibrant city vibes.

Discover: https://jardinsecrethotel.be/ 





Reconnect to nature and each other, that’s Nutchel in a nutshell. Their cosy cabins bend perfectly with the magic of the surrounding nature in the beautiful green area of Martelange. Take a seat next to the wood stove, light a candle and dream away with a book next to the large windows overlooking the forest.

Let’s go: https://www.nutchel.be/



Slow Cabins

Booking without knowing where you are going? Slow Cabins will offer you an unforgettable surprise trip. Their ecological ca
bins are part of a unique, secret and remote setting. Its minimal design and the use of warm, pure materials will create a pleasant peace of mind.

Are you ready to be surprised?

Yes please: https://www.slowcabins.be/




Slô Escape

Do you remember what silence sounds like?

Slô offers an incomparable experience in beautiful, compact and self-sustaining cabins, up in the trees. Silence, (inner)peace and nature are central. Nestled in a forest in the Belgian Ardennes, their comfortable minimalist design retreats remind you that true luxury is all around you.  

Let’s slow down: https://slo-escape.com




Are you ready for the escape?
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