The summer of 2020 will no doubt be a bit special, but let’s make it a memorable and enjoyable time. How about a road trip in your own country, discovering hidden gems and timeless classics? The Clio team will share its favorite places in Belgium with you throughout the summer.


After Ghent, Deurle and Antwerp, this week we will take you on a discovery through the beautiful province of Limburg. Green, peaceful and charming: team Clio came back totally zen from its road trip in this province. Discover the hidden gems of Limburg.


Vlooybergtoren : stairway to heaven

On the way to Maasmechelen a stop in Tielt-Winge is an absolute must for a short walk through the fields. Soon you will notice a special and impressive monument. Indeed, it's a floating staircase leading to … heaven. At the top there is a fantastic view on the surrounding hilly landscape. A unique experience, team Clio is a fan!


Connectera : spectacular panoramas

Panoramic highlight! Let yourself be enchanted by a surprising landscape of hills and lakes.  Connectera is the panoramic gateway to the Hoge Kempen National Park. Put on comfortable shoes, treat yourself with some goodies and enjoy walks in the middle of nature in this reserve. With four different marked routes there is something for every nature lover.

Speechless ... climb to the top of the 'slagberg' and enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas in Flanders.


The Sahara... of Lommel

A desert in Belgium? Check. The Sahara of Lommel may not be a real desert, but it is a natural phenomenon that looks very much like it! Dream away from this picturesque desert landscape, in the midst of a large forest of fragrant conifers. Hmmm.  The clear blue lake and the fauna and flora of the place provide a blissful, unforgettable experience.


Fun fact: this protected nature reserve was created by pollution! The pollution of an old zinc factory made all the vegetation disappear, creating this arid landscape covered in white sand. Trees were then planted to prevent further silting up.


Are you ready for a breathtaking trip through Limburg? These favourite Team Clio nature spots are, of course, just a few of the many unmissable places in the province of Limburg.


Every summer has a story...




The Clio team

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