Have a look at this season’s bestsellers. These are your favorite pieces, the ones you love and would wear on every occasion. Psst, there’s a match for everyone!


Clio Mini – The perfect all-in-one companion

The Clio Mini is the emblem of the brand and has many faces. It can be used as a clutch, mini-bag or wallet and is suitable for all circumstances. Clio Mini is a small bag that offers a lot of space. 

Take your Clio Mini wherever you go: on a city trip, to a party, on a journey around the world,... It's an essential to have in every situation! 

Team Clio’s favorite: Clio Mini Classic Storm Gold, classy but rocky.


Clio – The brand’s iconic

Clio is the first design of Clio Goldbrenner and it has grown into a true icon of the brand. The bag, which bears the name of the designer, offers a pure and feminine shape. It is the perfect timeless bag to carry all your belongings. You will enjoy it for every occasion and for a long time. 

Spacious and superbly organized with its many compartments inside, it is perfect for being organized in all circumstances.

Team Clio’s favorite: The timeless Clio Classic Camel


Zetos – Proof that the perfect size does exist!

This passe-partout model can be worn by hand or across the chest. Its urban vintage style is a hit. In this timeless model you can store all your things in a well-arranged way so that you can find everything immediately.

Team Clio’s favorite: Zetos Python Brown, we swear you’ll adore it!


Momos – Classy nonchalance

A sporty-chic look and smooth, feminine lines makes the Momos your favorite bag for every day. It is worn on the hand, on the shoulder or diagonally across the chest. It is easily accessible and very well-arranged and gives you a relaxed look. With its ideal volume, it is undoubtedly the best companion for every day.

Team Clio’s favorite: The elegant Momos Crackled Camel


Mylas – The wallet that ensures you’ll never lose anything again

The new long wallet from Clio Goldbrenner is perfectly equipped to store your change, credit cards and notes in a well-organized way. 

In the course of two collections, the Mylas wallet has clearly earned its place among the brand's bestsellers.

Team Clio’s favorite: The handy Mylas Classic Storm Silver


Insider tip: Did you know that all the names of our bags and accessories are retrieved form the Greek mythology? Each bag or accessory has its own story, reinterpreted with a Clio twist.




Team Clio

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