Clio Goldbrenner and her father

To mark Father's Day, it's Clio's dad's turn to speak and explain the details of his relationship with his daughter.

What has Clio inherited from you?

Her thoroughness, her desire to see things through, and her determination.

Can you tell us about a private moment between the two of you?

She must have been nine or ten years old and I was telling her a story before she fell asleep. Those few minutes when I had her undivided attention remain a very powerful memory.

What about an unforgettable day?

The day when she got married in Tuscany in the August heat. In the addition to the heat, it was an intensely emotional time, a mixture of joy and a feeling that it was the end of an era and the beginning of a new one – that she would truly be carving her own path in life from now on, which happened of course.

Is there a place where you like to meet?

I love turning up unannounced at her office. She’s generally drowning in work but despite everything, she takes a few minutes out of her day to show me her new designs and projects. I listen to her and she loves it when I give her my opinion and sometimes a few tips.

Do you have a memorable film?

As Clio loves the cinema, our memorable film would have to be “My Father the Hero” with Gérard Depardieu!

What about a favourite holiday destination?

Each summer, the two of us head off for a couple of weeks and that gives us wonderful, lasting memories, from Mykonos to Portugal or the USA.

Recently, we went away for a week, with the two of us and her two little girls, which was amazing!

How would you sum up your relationship in one word?