An interview with Stephanie Degeynst Levy

To enrich their special Baby Collection, Clio Goldbrenner has decided to call on Stephanie Degeynst Levy, the author of a baby book that is 100% Made in Belgium.
A little ultra-chic booklet to capture your baby's first moments.

Tell us about your career. Who are you? Where do you come from?

I’m from Brussels and I live there with my husband and our little girl, who is almost a year old. I am a graduate in communication from the Université Libre of Brussels and I work as a manager in the civil service, but my passion is writing! I write novels (my first has recently been published) and a few months ago I launched the baby book adventure…

Where did you get the idea to create baby books?

A few years ago I really wanted to offer a nice pregnancy and birth diary to my best friend, who was expecting her second baby at the time.  I searched everywhere, but I couldn’t find anything that corresponded to the idea I had in mind for the gift. I wanted a nice design, quality materials, eco-responsible production, and relevant but also fun headings, but everything I found was kitsch and too sickly-sweet. I carried out a little market study and, during my own pregnancy, I launched the idea with the help of a graphic design studio in Brussels that I really love: Studio Fifty Fifty.


What is your source of inspiration?

My friends, my sisters and cousins, my own experience and the pretty things around me.


How does the creation of a baby book take place?

The creation of my baby book really was a very pleasant experience. I analysed what existed and determined what I didn’t like about it. I consulted the people around me and little by little I built up my project. I gave a lot of importance to the quality of the production – I really wanted a product that was 100% Made in Belgium.


Why do you advise mothers to keep a baby book?

Because time flies and you soon forget those little details that are so important. I note down everything!


What are your favourite addresses for babies?

The Boucle d’Or boutique, situated just a few steps from the Châtelain in Brussels. It’s a beautiful little shop run by an adorable woman. 

I also purchase online when I can’t find an article available in Brussels and I adore the Smallable website. 


What is your favourite birth gift?

Apart from my baby book? J

I loved to receive the Nestor document holder by Clio Goldbrenner. I keep my daughter’s health booklet in it and it’s a wonderful way to protect that valuable information. 


Your pick from Clio SS18? 

There are a lot of chic models but I fell for the Hephaistos Classic, which I think is perfect, and for the Callisto Panama, because I love the fabric!

Would you like to discover this baby book now?

We will offer it to you for every order of a Mommy Bag online or in our shop in Antwerp until Sunday 22 May.