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  • Clio Goldbrenner x Thea Jewelry


    Clio Goldbrenner x Thea Jewelry It was in 2011 that Clio Goldbrenner and Emilie Duchêne launched themselves into their respective adventures and created two brands of accessories that would rapidly go on to achieve emblematic status. In Clio Goldbrenner's case, this was they year she launched her eponymous brand of handbags and accessories. And in Emilie Duchêne's case, 2011 was the year she launched her personalised jewellery brand, Thea Jewelry. These two brands create and produce unique and original accessories for women to wear at important times in their lives and which help to und ... more

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  • Rendez-vous parisien #2


     After the success of her first Parisian Rendez-vous, Clio Goldbrenner invites you to Parisian Rendez-vous #2. Find us in our showroom, this Thursday, October 26, to learn about our latest products and enjoy an exclusive event.  This time, we asked our #cliogirls to tell us about their evenings in Paris. Unusual places to have a drink in some of the most secret and trendy spots in the capital.     Andrea Viera (www.instagram.com/legrandetail/)   No Entry The speakeasy in the basement of Pink Mamma to sip original Italian cocktails. My favourite? Puglia 20a Rue de Douai, 75009 P ... more

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  • Behind the scenes of our Portuguese workshop


    Last December, to mark the brand’s fifth birthday, we created a new product: a pretty pair of leather runners intended for all active and elegant women. They bear the name of Achilles, in reference to the Greek hero. This invincible warrior is known all over the world for his heel, which was the only weak part of his body ... Judicious, therefore, to protect and showcase the heels of all eager and graceful women!   The Achilles runners, refined and largely inspired by tennis from the 70s, are the result of meticulous work. Today, the team has decided to unveil their production secrets. ... more

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  • Parisian rendez-vous #1


    Cette semaine, toute l’équipe Clio Goldbrenner est à Paris pour notre premier rendez-vous parisien. Jeudi, retrouvez-nous dans notre showroom dans le marais pour découvrir et shopper notre collection Automne – Hiver 2017. Alors que la Fashion week de Paris bat son plein, nous avons rassemblé toutes les adresses coup de cœur de nos #cliogirls à Paris. Des adresses branchées, secrètes, mode, arty, modernes ou vintage pour se perdre dans Paris.     Débora Attal Le café INEKO.Un petit repère végétal, silencieux et ultra chaleureux. 13 rue des Gravilliers,75003 Paris   ... more

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