• Panther


  • Panther

Length : 23,5 cm
Heigth: 19 cm
Width : 8 cm

Paris Mini is the little brother of Paris. A small and even more desirable version. Paris Mini is both elegant and stylish. It adapts to suit your desires, moods and looks.
The chain adds a resolutely modern rock 'n roll look to your outfits. Small but with plenty of room in its central compartment to hold all your essentials.
- Flat inside zip pocket
- Magnetised flap
- Worn over the shoulder
- Details in brass
- Lining 100% cotton

  • Savana
Selected : Savana

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Care tips

Leather Panther

“PANTHER” leather (in combination with STONE leather)The PANTHER pattern is applied to a shaved lambskin, which means that the wool has been cut to the shortest possible length. Lambskins are small and are among the most supple and silky of leathers.The pattern is printed throughout the entire depth of the wool and not only on the surface. Wear and tear of the skin is only natural and even if the pattern fades a little, it will always remain visible and present.

Cleaning and maintaining this type of product is quite easy in that only one single application of a waterproofing spray is needed. When spraying the product hold the can at least 30 centimetres from the product as it might leave marks otherwise. We should point out however that this lambskin is not very fond of water and you should avoid exposing it to heavy rain.