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The family is growing

Ever-keen to innovate, Clio Goldbrenner has enhanced her baby panoply with two accessories that are indispensable for all self-respecting moms on the move : the Asteria toilet bag for transporting products and baby care products safety (they are totally waterproof) and the Nestor leather case – the stylish way to carry baby’s birth documents and any other important documents.

Mommy Bag

The practical and ultra-feminine baby changing bag
Clio Goldbrenner had a dream of creating the ideal accessory to accompany active and stylish moms. The result was the Mommy Bag. An elegant item that is the essential chic and timeless ally of all moms. It can be hand held or worn over the shoulder or attached directly to the pushchair making it the ideal solution that meets all the needs of moms. This great flexibility means that it can be used for all the different occasions that arise in their busy lifestyle. The Mommy Bag is a unique model designed in 2014 to mark the birth of Clio Goldbrenner’s daughter. The model is made in leather and canvas and features the refined details that have earned the brand its reputation: beaten gold or silver chain mail, visible stitching, and full grain leather Discover here
The two must have accessories that complement the Mommy Bag : The toilet bag Asteria and the Leather-case Nestor


The toilet kit
The Astéria toilet bag has lots of room for all your toiletries and those of your baby. This medium-size toilet bag will fit easily into your Mommy Bag or any other type of luggage. Discover here


the Leather-case
The Nestor document holder is the ideal way to keep your baby’s documents safe and secure: medical logbook, prescriptions, ID card, etc. You can take this document holder with its zip fastener wherever you go. Discover here


40 x 26 x 25cm
Mommy Bags are practical and modern. They have multiple compartments where you can store your personal belongings as well as those of your baby. Bottles and meals remain warm in the isothermal pouch in the main compartment. The side opening that contains a portable changing mat is also the ideal place for keeping the changing equipment for your little one. The Mommy Bag is full of surprises. Time for you to discover it and get one for yourself –you’ll never let it out of your sight. Mommy Bags have two lives as they can be transformed into a weekend bag in the blink of an eye thanks to the completely detachable lining. Discover here