Clio Goldbrenner is a Belgian designer who makes leather handbags and accessories. She started creating unique objects since 2011 in her Brussels studio. Each item is produced by craftsmen selected for their expertise and eye for detail.

Clio seeks inspiration from the streets where she observes the women that cross her path. Her first collection that was launched in 2011 immediately defined the identity of this young brand, which rapidly became the leading reference for women looking for the ideal accessory. The Clio model, a big tote bag with refined details, became the icon of the brand in no time at all and has been available in a wide range of different leathers and colours for the past five years. Each bag is named after a muse or a Greek god. A nod at the story behind the designer’s first name – Clio was the muse of history or the lyre in Greek mythology. All the bags and accessories are recognisable thanks to the trademark chain mail and the minimalist and graphic lines. The chain mail was an obvious choice for this designer whose surname is associated with the art of crafting gold.

It was following a trip to Chicago that this young native
of Brussels decided to launch her own collection of handbags.


«I was in Chicago. It was freezing cold and I had bought myself a ‘chapka’. In the street everyone stared at me and particularly at my hat. I had a very strange feeling and suddenly became aware of the potential impact that an accessory can have. When I returned home, I launched my project.»

Inspired by women of all ages and origins, Clio models are the antithesis of standard codes and each season sees new versions being launched. Clio comes up with new models for each of her collections and reinterprets the classic models such as Clio, Comus and Hélios.