Philippine d'Otreppe, the hidden artist behind our bespoke products

The day after Brussels Art Week, the Clio Goldbrenner team discusses a hidden artistic hotspot. Run by a collective of seven artists, "L'artichaut" ("The Artichoke") is an art gallery located in the heart of the Marolles District.
Philippine, a ceramist and illustrator with a minimalist style, is part of this team and is responsible for customising our bags by hand.

Can you tell us about your background?

I’m a Belgian artist and I studied illustration in Bournemouth in England. Since then, I’ve been a freelance illustrator and I’ve lived in Brussels for the last two years.

Who are the other artists that you work with?

At L’Artichaut, we are a team of seven artists: Agathe Adriaenssen, Marie de Ganay, Antoinette d’Ansembourg, Maude Sauvage, Elodie Charpenay, Angélique de Limburg and myself, Philippine D’Otreppe. 

We work in a number of different artistic media: painting, sculpture, ceramics, and textiles.

How would you describe your new gallery?

With a location in the Marolles District, L’Artichaut is a studio equipped with a gallery space. It serves as a meeting point that also enables us, as artists, to exhibit and sell our creations. Our aim is to bring our artistic output together while remaining an inspirational place that blends a number of different techniques.

How did you find the location?

Agathe and I lived in the neighbourhood, we visited the space together, and we just fell for it.


Why this neighbourhood?

We wanted our project to be open and accessible to everybody. This neighbourhood is perfectly suited to the Artichaut concept; it’s in the heart of the Marolles and surrounded by shops, antiques dealers, and art galleries – what better way to attract art connoisseurs and those who are just curious.

Why did you choose the name, which means “The Artichoke?”

The name, “L’Artichaut” came about somewhat by chance: we were looking for something simple, appealing and easy-going. The name alludes both to the business that used to occupy the space – a greengrocer’s – and to the art on the rue Haute, reflecting the space’s new artistic calling.

Where is your favourite place in Brussels?

L’Artichaut (laughing)


From where do you draw your inspiration?

From travelling, or simply walking around the neighbourhoods in Brussels.


What’s your favourite design at the moment?

If we’re talking about drawings, a sketch of a ball game (see photo)


What’s your favourite model in our spring/summer 2018 collection?

Achille Milk sneakers.

Philippine lets loose with her paintbrush on your Classic Clio Goldbrenner leather sneakers and bags.

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L’artichaut: 136 rue Haute. Open from Wednesday to Sunday.