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  • classic
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Clio, the inimitable brand icon, is the first model that Clio Goldbrenner ever designed. This bag that is named after its creator is a practical, modern and feminine tote bag with a minimalist design that will hold all your essentials and be your ally wherever you go and for a long time to come.
- - Two compartments separated by a zip pocket
- - Flat inside zip pocket
- - Magnetised closure
- - Rigid handle
- - Hand held
- - Details in brass
- - Lining 100% cotton

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  • Storm/Gold (STG)
  • Linen
  • Lipstick
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A Belgian artist hand paints and personalizes your handbag or your sneakers Clio Goldbrenner in classic leather.
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Read our care tips and learn how to take care of your Clio Goldbrenner item. Feel free to contact us at for any question regarding the care of your new Clio Goldbrenner item.

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