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  • Pop
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  • Pop
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Length : 23,5 cm
Heigth: 14 cm
Width : 2 cm

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Clio Mini is a true hallmark of the brand and has several faces. A clutch bag, mini bag or a wallet, whichever you choose, Clio Mini will be with you wherever you go for a long time to come. The little added extra with Clio Mini is that it may be small, but has lots of room inside.
- - Inside pockets for bank cards
- - Removable shoulder strap
- - Hand held or worn over the shoulder
- - Details in brass
- - Lining 100% cotton

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  • Blush (Pop)
  • Shadow
  • Lime
Selected : Blush (Pop)
Product available with different options

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Care tips

Leather Pop

POP is a fabric that we call LUREX. It is made of 50% cotton, 40% polyamide and 10% polyester. This POP fabric has a metallic finish.

A special colourless waterproofing spray for fabric should be applied before use.If you do this regularly you will prevent stains and/or reduce them. However, it is not advisable to use a damp cloth to remove stains as this might damage the metallic finish.