In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, CLIO GOLDBRENNER, who puts women at the heart of its concerns, reminds us of the essential gestures of self-palpation to detect breast cancer.

At home, let's adopt self-palpation in our daily life, as well as regular visits to the doctor. These actions will save lives: we are all concerned!

Let's talk about boobs

How to do it ? 

The breast check can be done standing, sitting or lying down.
1. Stand in front of the mirror and carefully examine your breasts. Do you notice any changes in size or shape, in the skin or in the nipple?

2. Gradually move your hands upwards or place them behind your head. Look again if you see any changes.

3. "Divide your breast into four quarters. Make circular movements with gentle pressure from the outer edge of each quarter towards the nipple. Repeat this with each area. Also examine the armpit and the area between the armpit and the breast.

4. Then pull lightly on the nipple to see if it moves easily. Examine both breasts in the same way.

Boobs check
When should you start to be alarmed?

A small, painless lump or swelling that is harder than the rest is often an indication of breast cancer. Many people think: "I'm not in pain, I feel fine, so everything is fine". It is possible that you are in pain, but this is rarely an early sign of breast cancer. If your breasts look or feel different than usual, and if you see or feel any of the following symptoms, it is best to see your (GP) doctor immediately, even if you have recently had a mammogram and the result was negative.

A Think Pink ribbon is offered with every CLIO GOLDBRENNER purchase in October.

With love, 
The Clio Team

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