Back to the roots: The handbag history

If today having a handbag is a must for many women, it was anything but fashionable in Antiquity. At the time, the handbag was only used for its practical side. It was used by both women and men and was worn as a purse tied at the waist or hidden under loose clothing. A bit like the belt bag we have nowadays, don't you think?



The "sporran", ancestor of the belt bag.


Let's travel back to the 18th century, when the handbag finally became a fashion accessory. The chatelaine, a small silver or gold accessory, became indispensable for the trendy women of the time. It was tied at the women's waist and all sorts of objects and decorations were hung on them. This is where coquetry was born in the handbag universe, to our great delight!















The chatelaine, 18th century must-have.


Hello 19th century, the first handbag as we know it today is finally born! As the trend is to wear very tight and high-waisted clothes, it is no longer possible to dissimulate or tie a purse around one’s waist. The handbag becomes a popular indispensable accessory. Men, for their part, are gradually giving up carrying a purse and start wearing trousers with pockets. Convenient when you can put your things in the lady's bag, isn't it?

Women are also starting to match their handbag with their outfit. It is generally round or square in shape and decorated with stones and pearls; an excellent way to highlight your social class. It is also in the middle of the 19th century that luxury luggage industry was born, with luxury brands beginning to create travel bags for the bourgeoisie.



Nowadays, who can still imagine going somewhere without a handbag? A maxi-bag for every day to carry your working-girl or super-mommy gear, and a mini-bag to spend wild evenings, taking only your mobile phone and your favorite lipstick. At Clio, we like it chic, timeless and glamorous, to give you an elegant look in any situation.



One thing for sure, the handbag will not stop evolving anytime soon! And you, how do you imagine it in 10 years?

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